OpenSense Camera LLC focuses on design and manufacture of rugged remote camera systems. Our primary customers involve Documentarians, cinematographers, or anyone looking to visually document landscapes in remote/harsh environments. Initial products will include camera enclosures designed for professional cameras, along with custom control hardware and software to take time lapses or periodic pictures over the course of weeks or months. The idea for OpenSense Camera LLC came from ongoing conversations with close friends in the industry explaining their troubles with the current market.

OpenSense Founders

OpenSense Camera LLC is founded by two engineers with a passion for the outdoors. Chuck Sullivan is a robotics engineer in Albuquerque New Mexico at the Air Force Research Labs. Mirzo Halimi is a researcher in next generation solar technology at the National Renewable Energy Labs in Golden Colorado. We met in college and worked on various club projects, the most memorable being a sounding rocket payload that we designed and built together that launched on a sub-orbital rocket.

Chuck Sullivan

Chuck Sullivan’s day job is designing and building robots for the space industry. He has 5 years of experience including working with NASA and Redwire Space developing solutions for space and extraterrestrial environments.

He enjoys building anything and everything, learning all he can, and hitting the great outdoors as much as possible.

Mirzo Halimi

Mirzo Halimi is an electrical engineer with an emphasis on semiconductors and renewable working on next generation photovoltaics at the National Renewable Energy Lab.

He is deeply passionate about the environment, space exploration and technology.